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Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy of O Ninho do Rei

This Privacy Policy applies to all personal data that O Ninho do Rei processes of its guests.

If you book a stay at O Ninho do Rei, or provide personal data to O Ninho do Rei for any other reason, you explicitly give permission to process your personal data in line with this Privacy Policy.
We therefore advise you to read the Privacy Policy and keep it for your own administration.

1. Responsible

Responsible for the processing of personal data is:
O Ninho do Rei, Rua da Cruz 12, 6110-017 Fundada, Portugal,, 00351 934 378 977

2. Which data is processed by O Ninho do Rei and for what purpose

2.1 In the context of your stay, the following personal data will be processed:

  1. first and last name, date of birth, place of birth, gender

  2. address details, possibly postal address

  3. telephone number(s), e-mail address(es)

  4. Passport data

2.2 O Ninho do Rei processes the personal data referred to in 2.1 for the following purposes:

  1. our name,  telephone number and e-mail address – used for contact about the provision of the information requested by you and also for handling the information obtained from you.

  2. our name, telephone number and e-mail address – used for registering the bookings and also for the administrative processing thereof.

Your name, address details, passport details – used for correct handling with the Portuguese authorities being the Finanças and the SEF, the tax authorities and the immigration authorities. The data will be kept for as long as Portuguese law requires.

3. Retention periods

O Ninho do Rei processes and stores your personal data for the duration of your stay up to a maximum of two years after your stay. However, or as long as Portuguese law requires this regarding the retention of administrative data for the tax authorities and foreigners’ authorities. We then subsequently destroy the personal data.

4 . Security measures and processors

4.1 O Ninho do Rei has taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data.

4.2 O Ninho do Rei does not use the services of third parties for the processing of personal data.

5. Right of inspection, removal and requests for complaints

5.1 Via the administration of O Ninho do Rei you can submit a request to view, receive, change or delete your personal data. O Ninho do Rei will process your request and inform you within one month of receipt

5.2 If you wish to object to the (further) processing of your personal data as referred to in Article 2, you can also contact the administration.

5.3 If you have complaints about the way O Ninho do Rei processes your personal data or handles your requests, you can contact us by email: and ask for the complaints book.

5.3 a. Even if there are other complaints that cannot be resolved with O Ninho do Rei, you can ask for the complaints book or livro de reclamaçoes (ID number 27734403)

5.4 Any other questions or comments about this Privacy Policy can also be directed to our administration

5.5 If you cannot resolve the matter with O Ninho do Rei, you can also contact CNIACC Centro de Portugal.

5.6. Please note that you have the possibility to lodge a complaint with the Portuguese national monitoring authority, the “Comissão Nacional de Proteção de Dados (CNPD)“.

6. Amendments

This Privacy policy is subject to change. The changes will be announced via the Website. We advise you to regularly view the Privacy policy.

Drawn up Feb 5, 2019

7. Cookies

We use cookies for the best possible operation of this website. In this statement we first explain what cookies are. We will then discuss which cookies we use and why we use them.

What are cookies
A cookie is a file that is sent by a website (in this case Your browser then places this on your computer’s hard drive. There is then a cookie on the hard disk. When you next visit the website again, the stored information, which is contained in the cookie, can be sent back to this website.

Google Analytics
Our website places cookies from Google. They will analyse the information that Google receives from the cookie. This information is anonymised as much as possible. Google will only share the information obtained with third parties when they are legally obliged to do so. Also insofar as third parties process the information on behalf of Google.

She, Google, has also not received permission from us to use information for other Google services. Google is an American company and therefore stores the information it collects in American servers. For more information about the policy of Google Analytics, see the Google website.

Social Media buttons
The various social media channels often use codes with which they place cookies via the site. These social media channels collect information that they can obtain through the cookies. Read the privacy statements of the social media channels used by O Ninho do Rei to know what they do with the collected information.

Disable and delete
You can disable or delete cookies. For this you have to go to the settings of your browser. Are you stuck? Then use the browser’s help function.

8. Google Analytics

We would like insight into the use of the website in order to be able to optimize it for use. We sometimes use Google Analytics for this. This service analyses the data of website visitors. An IP address is not visible and therefore cannot be traced back to a person to us. Google Analytics also has a policy that can be found online.

9. Social Media Channels

O Ninho do Rei uses various social media channels, Facebook and Instagram.  To make it as easy as possible for the customer, O Ninho do Rei uses buttons and contact forms. These social media channels also collect information. To clarify what happens to the data, the privacy statement of the social media channels can provide a definitive answer.

Terms and conditions

1. General:

  1. These Terms and Conditions apply to all guests of O Ninho do Rei, Portugal

  2. These terms and conditions start with making a reservation at O Ninho do Rei.

  3. Upon request, we will provide you with a copy of these Terms and Conditions free of charge.

  4. The owner is not liable for damage, loss or theft of property of the users. In the event of disputes, all (legal) costs will be borne by the users.

  5. All risks related to a stay at O Ninho do Rei are borne by the users.

  6. If damage and loss of movable and immovable property of O Ninho do Rei have arisen. Then you must immediately report this and pay it to O Ninho do Rei.

  7. The owner can deny and/or refuse users, in case of violation of these General Terms and Conditions and also of inappropriate behaviour, which immediately effect the access to O Ninho do Rei. This without refund of the accommodation costs. This at the discretion of the owner.

  8. The owner is decisive in case of mutual disagreement unless the users can prove the contrary.

  9.  of O Ninho do Rei must adhere to the household rules below.

2. Reservations and confirmations

  1. You can make or change a reservation verbally, by telephone, in writing or by e-mail.

  2. Upon receipt of your reservation request, O Ninho do Rei will send you a confirmation (upon availability). The reservation is then final!

  3. There are no costs for booking a stay.

3. Payment terms and conditions

  1. 100% of the accommodation costs of a reservation must be credited to the following bank account number at least 14 days before arrival. Banco BPI PT50 0010 0000 5599 5130 0017 1, in the name of Stephan Groeneweg.

  2. For reservations with an arrival date within 4 days you can pay the total amount upon arrival. We can only accept cash payments.

  3. The rates can be found on the O Ninho do Rei Website 

4. Cancellation

  1. In the unlikely event that you are unable to comply with the contract (reservation) entered into, you must inform O Ninho do Rei as soon as possible. This so that O Ninho do Rei can offer the vacated house(s) again.

  2. In the event of cancellation up to two weeks before arrival, a full refund will be made, minus 10% of the total booking amount for administration and reservation costs.

  3. If cancelled within 14 days before the arrival date, you will not be refunded.


5. House rules part of General Terms and Conditions

  1. We always receive you personally upon arrival. You must identify yourself on request by a valid proof of identity. If you are not a Portuguese resident, you must also complete a check-in form. You will receive this upon arrival. Portuguese residents only need to provide their NIF.

  2. On the day of arrival you can check in between 2 p.m. and 9 p.m. On request, you can also check in earlier or later if this is possible.

  3. On the day of departure, we expect to have the room available for further rental at the latest by 11 am. A late check-out is also possible at a small additional cost and based on availability.

  4. There is no refund for early departure.

  5. Noise pollution, in particular between 10 p.m. and 7 p.m., must be prevented. Sound carriers and the like may not be a hindrance to others.

  6. Any visitors of our guests may not spend the night at O Ninho do Rei without the owner’s permission and without an additional payment.

  7. You can park vehicles next to O Ninho do Rei.

  8. Pets are not allowed at O Ninho do Rei.

  9. Smoking is not allowed inside. You can smoke outside, naturally in consultation with the other guests. We ask you kindly to take into account the risk of fire.

When you have questions about our terms and conditions please let us know.

We welcome you to O Ninho do Rei and wish you a pleasant stay.

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